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Dr. Racquel Innis-Shelton

Dr. Innis-Shelton on her inspiration for becoming a physician and her motivation to work with cancer patients:

I decided to become a doctor by the tender age of four, and since then have had an overwhelming desire to help people suffering from illness.  I chose the field of hematology/oncology after witnessing the profound impact a cancer diagnosis has on a patient’s life and the lives of their loved ones.  I find that while taking care of cancer patients, the oncologist can develop a closeness and deep trust that is unique to oncology care, and in doing so provides comfort and support to help patients manage fears of things unknown.  What continues to motivate me is a never-ending drive to understand and put an end to the suffering that cancer can cause.  Every day requires a tremendous use of intellect, paired with nurturing, compassion, emotional depth, and spirituality.  I find this to be a sacred space in which to work.

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